HR Policy

HR Policy

DPC adheres to international standards on freedom of association, wages, working time and conditions, remuneration, social security, paid vacations and occupational safety etc. under the guidance of the International Labor Organization Conventions. DPC’s employee motivation system includes both financial and non-financial incentives and is aimed at attracting and retaining qualified personnel, as well as increasing employees’ commitment to high performance


DPC have embraced the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos who believes in the need for collective efforts to progress Omanisation. The Omanisation structure has successfully contributed to the national priority by recruiting, inducting and training Omani staff across the departments. DPC conducts planned training programs and other initiatives, improving the skills of the Omani workforce in all areas of operations.

DPC is committed to educate the nationals with relevant expertise and technical knowledge right from the foundation training for newly hired staff and ensure maximum exposure to world class learning and development.

As a part of the manpower plan the goal is to recruit a number of Omani nationals together with reaching the maximum feasible Omanization percentage, taking enterprise requirement into attention.

Social Policy

DPC’s social policy is an integral part of the human resources policy and is aimed at maintaining the company’s competitive advantage in the labor market and creating an effective system of social security for employees. The underlying principle of social security is a social partnership based on a constructive and mutual dialogue between employees and employers, which is aimed at regulating social and employment relationships.