Farm Specifications


DPC leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to deliver the products of the highest quality. In poultry integration, infrastructure becomes the backbone of the operations. A well-established infrastructure supports the poultry operations end-to-end, resulting in quality control and optimized productivity.

The infrastructure includes parent farms, feed mill, environmentally controlled sheds, hatchery, modern processing plant, R&D centre, disease diagnostics and feed analytical labs, ERP driven information technology systems and an effective supply chain with its own fleet of vehicles.

Production Process

DPC offers a wide range of innovative products to its consumers and its partners. We recognize the importance of the quality commitment of its partners and is committed to deliver products of the highest quality. This commitment is further underlined with the implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) systems.

DPC 100% natural and tasty chickens are bred in a closed controlled hygienic environment.

DPC poultry does not contain added hormones, steroids, artificial flavour and colour or chemical preservatives, synthetic ingredient and no artificial injection of water to increase chicken weight.

It’s all part of our effort to give you the most natural product — assuring DPC as your only 100% natural and tasty choice.