Omani Cuisine

The cuisine reflects the country’s location on the traditional trade routes between Arabia, Persia, India and East Africa. Non-vegetarian dishes are often accompanied with rice, and contain a rich infusion of herbs and spices.

Arabic Cuisine

A region’s wholesome cuisine features a fusion of some of the best aspects of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian flavours. Arabic cuisine offers a wide variety of choices to titillate both eastern and western palates.

Indian Cuisine

Indian non-vegetarian cuisine, with rich spicy notes and strong flavours, have grown in popularity the world over. They are now a favourite recipe choice far beyond the Indian subcontinent’s billioncurry lovers.

Continental Cuisine

This cuisine is a generalised reference to western and southern European cooking styles. Continental recipes include some of the world’s most famous dishes with an emphasis on meat, cheese, wheat flour and rich sauces.