About us

About Us

Dhofar Poultry Co. SAOG (DPC), Salalah, Oman is a
pioneer & reputed company in the organized corporate
sector engaged in Poultry farming, Processing &
Marketing of Fresh & Frozen Whole Chicken as well as
Portions in Oman and the region since 1996.

Over the last decade and a half, DPC has become
synonymous with high quality & consistency and as
such its products are held in high esteem by the
customers spread across Hyper, Supermarkets,
Specialty Restaurants, Food service segments and the

DPC chickens are reared naturally in own farms under
strict hygienic conditions, with pure vegetarian feed.
The quality birds are processed and slaughtered to
ensure true “Halal” as per Islamic rites thus
guaranteeing our esteemed customers 100% Halal

Dhofar chickens have acquired a distinct freshness and
taste is very popular across Oman and the region. The
distinct Freshness and Taste of Dhofar Brand Chickens
are preserved by timely delivery through a
well-organized cold chain wherein the temperature is
maintained between 0 & 4 degree Celsius.

Dhofar Brand product range includes Fresh & Frozen
Whole Chicken in the weight range from 600g to 1500g
and Fresh & Frozen Chicken portions comprising of
Boneless Breast, Drumstick, Thighs, Wings and Giblets,
viz. Heart, Gizzard & Liver. Of course, we do take custom
orders too of special cuts for high value customers.

Dhofar Whole Chicken comes packed in stretch
wrapped Foam Trays as well as in poly bags and the
Portions in stretch wrapped Foam Trays in weight
range of 450 g, 500 g & 900 g. Customized packaging
is also available.